Miter Gearbox




Jacks may be used in multiple arrangements by connecting shafting, couplings and gear boxes to simultaneously transmit power to the input shafts of the jacks. Ever-Power provides gearboxes for use with jacks.

Make certain that the total torque and horsepower required by the arrangement does not exceed the ratings of the box. Miter gear boxes can be operated up to 900 rpm. Higher speeds are permissible at lower torque ratings. Noise levels may increase at higher speeds. The operating efficiency of a miter gear box is 90%

Gears are forged alloy steel. Shafts are stress proof steel ground and polished.

Right-angle shaft type gear box of spiral bevel gears for general applications with high performance and high efficiency

Wide variation ranging from small to large capacity

Smooth rotation and silent drive possible

Easy installation

Right Angle Miter Gearbox Standard Features

Dimensions: right angle miter gear drive is 3-21/32″ x 3-15/16″ x 1-1/4″ deep

40% glass filled polypropylene

Weight: 10 ounces

Shafts: Ground high-tensile steel. Any shaft may be used as a drive.

Gears: Hardened straight miter gears

Bearings: Hardened steel ball bearings, permanent lubrication

Mounting: Three shaft mounting positions provide versatility in application

Versatile: Three shaft connections are provided for versatility in application

RAB-1 may be operated CW, CCW or BACK driven

RAB-1 is rated at 1/3 HP at 1800 RPM. Maximum speed is 3000 RPM

Benefits and Cost Savings

Longer service life

Less wear

Greater tooth-to-tooth contact

Quieter operation

The most efficient power transfer design under rated load conditions

Custom Options

Stainless steel shaft (Please specify series stainless needed)

Longer shafts lengths on input and output

2:1 Ratio

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